When presented with a problem, the most naive thing to do is to try and solve the problem without researching solutions which already exist.

With tools like Google Search and StackOverflow at your fingertips, investing a few hours of time searching for solutions is much smarter, easier and effective than stubbornly trying to solve something which already has a solution.

This blog is a resource intended to promote the use, and improvement of great tools built by great programmers. If you land here from a Google Search, and copy and paste a code snippet into your project, then I have fulfilled my goal..

This is what the Information Age is all about - easily finding the shoulders of others to stand on. Whether they are giants, or individuals who stand just a hair taller than you in their domains, if you stand on their shoulders you see beyond obstacles, and reach your solution faster.

If you can’t utilize an already-existing tool, and you can’t contribute to a pre-existing project to solve your problem, only then should you create a new piece of software to solve your problem (which will likely solve someone elses problems!).